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Are you tired of being stuck at home? This is a call out to all families who love to get out and about! Virtual excursions could be your new bestie!

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Is the reality of you having your children home for an extended period of time finally sinking in and you’re starting to panic? Don’t! There are many websites and a ton of support out there. All you have to do is to look in the right places. And it just so happens that we have a knack of doing just that!

In addition to our Learning From Home packs (available for every grade level PK–6), we have created a list of fantastic websites for your students to access while stuck at home. These websites offer amazing virtual learning experiences for kids in the comfort of their very own home! Let’s go on some virtual excursions…

Pick one of these fantastic websites for your children, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the peace and quiet!

The Best Virtual Excursions for Kids

Parents, this list of virtual excursions is seriously… amazing! Teachers, a great list of ideas that you can send to parents if they’re struggling with home learning – these websites will certainly hook their children into the learning experience from the beginning.

(1) Visit San Diego Zoo

This amazing zoo has a website that has been created just for kids!

Go on a virtual tour of the San Diego Zoo. This website has a multitude of fantastic learning opportunities for your children. They can watch videos about animals and even check out live camera footage of some of the animals at the zoo! Also, there are online games and even activities for your children to complete. This is a must when it comes to virtual excursions!

Virtual Excursions for Kids - San Diago Zoo

Don’t miss our range of printable resources that that would work well with this fantastic site:

(2) Go to Mars!

This is phenomenal! Although the website is currently getting updated – there is still a 360 digital mode where your children can gain access to Mars – which is incredible. Children can move around Mars and learn a variety of interesting facts!

Access to Mars

Here are some printable resources that you may like to use in conjunction with this fantastic site:

(3) Visit an Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has fantastic live cameras and animal guides for those sea creature enthusiasts out there!

So beautiful to watch and some of the matching music is so soothing – highly recommend checking out this site for a fantastic learning experience.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Here are some printable resources that you may like to use in conjunction with this great site:

(4) Go Deep Sea Diving!

This was absolutely amazing to view, even for me! Let’s go deep sea diving! Yep, you heard me! This website lets you scroll to the bottom of the ocean and discover all of the sea creatures! It’s truly fascinating stuff. / Luis Molinero

(5) Explore Famous Landmarks on Google Earth

I searched around for different virtual tours that are available of different landmarks such as The Great Wall of China and The Eiffel Tower, but nothing compares to what Google Earth can provide in terms of imagery and accessibility for everyone. Explore a range of human-made and natural landmarks around the world!


Here are some printable resources that you may like to use in conjunction with this site:

For more awesome ideas using Google Earth, read our blog – 20 Google Earth Activities for Students.

(6) Become an Engineering Pioneer

This is super cool! Take children on a journey to places outside their city, country, even planet! This website is a partnership between Boeing and Discovery Education. Behind the scenes videos transport children to places where innovation meets creativity and shows there isn’t just one path towards success in a STEM career.

Virtual Field Trip for Kids - STEM

Let your children become their own engineers with some of these cool STEM resources:

(7) Visit the Van Gogh Museum

Inspire little artists and go on a virtual tour of the amazing Van Gogh Museum located in Amsterdam. It houses the largest collection of artwork by Vincent Van Gogh in the world!

This website has a multitude of visual images and a number of virtual tours you can go on through Google Earth.

Van Gogh Museum

Here are some printable resources that you may like to use in conjunction with this fascinating site:

(8) Famous Storytellers!

Storyline Online is a great website that has a huge number of children’s storybooks being read by famous people. Go on a whimsical journey! Your children will love to listen to some of these adorable children’s storybooks.

Storyline Virtual Reads

After a storybook has been read, there are a huge number of activities you can do – such as some simple comprehension questions. Here are some other worksheets you may like to complete with your children:

(9) Explore Environments Around the World

Another fantastic idea using the ever amazing Google Earth – it has so many fantastic ways for children to explore the world. Even letting them have a look around themselves is a great idea.

Use Google Earth to virtually explore a variety of different environments. In this example:


Here are some printable resources that you may like to use in conjunction with this:

(10) Visit Disney World

Disney World Orlando has virtual tours you can take including Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot, just to name a few!

It is so much fun to look around and pretend you are there. Just be sure your child’s device is fully charged – they can spend hours looking through this amazing site!


We’d love to add to this list – share your ideas in the comments section of this blog!

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